Computational Thinking Chicago

Do your kids have the tools and skills to participate in a world of data and technology?

The world is changing, the availability of open data sources and the tools to augment them are growing exponentially. Local governments are providing information marketplaces including health and safety information. The challenges of tomorrow will require us to make use of this datasets in innovative ways.

Who we Are

Computational Thinking Chicago is a nonprofit organization focused on preparing the youth of today for the challenges of tomorrow using information technologies.

We believe that raw data will be one of the fundamental tools of decision making in the future. Data is becoming more available and easier to access.  Data visualization tools are becoming better and more affordable that ever before. We are rapidly approaching a tipping point where problem-solving via information technology is a commodity available to all.

Will your children be ready to take advantage of the tools and technologies of tomorrow?

What we do

We Teach, We play,  We Empower, We Communicate,  We have Fun.
Our core belief is that we can accomplish nothing alone, all we can do is empower our surroundings.

Education is what we do – “Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish he will never go hungry”.

Our Educational Program

Our approach includes four points – ideas, tools, data, and fun.
Each one of these building blocks is built into everything we do.

Sample Class Structure

  • Idea – it’s not fun to play when there are too many kids in the playground
  • Tool – using Scratch we can create a visualization of kids playing in a playground.
  • Data – kids may enter the playground based on a green\red light at the entrance, kids may exit the playground if fun levels decrease, or when their play time is up.
  • Fun – the students need to control the green light and see how their actions impact the fun indicator, too many children and the fun indicator goes down.

In the early stages of this exercise, the children may control the green\red light manually. in the advanced versions, the kids can control multiple parameters including maximum play time, turn on and off of water play, and others. In the highest level, the kids may create logic to automate the control of the parameters.

Learning Techniques 

We understand that learning is an iterative process of refinement. Starting points must be easy and progression must be in accordance with individual student pace and ability. Learning is both social and individual activity, there is a time to work alone and there is a time to work as a team, and open up.

We are targeting to start our first classes in Naperville IL in summer 2017. Our extra curriculum enrichment program cost $10 per class, The cost of the class goes to cover the educator and the cost of equipment, we are a nonprofit organization.

If you are a professional educator and can communicate very well with kids, or if you are a graphics designer or software developers join our cause and help empower the problem solvers of tomorrow.

Volunteer today and become a force for good.

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